Rite Borges


Finding Street Music in Paris: Is It Difficult, Or What?

26th January 2012
Music is one of the most important activities in Paris, and when it comes to street music, there is no city that could compare to the city of lights. It has always provided a refuge to struggling artists and musicians who displayed their talent on crowded... Read >

Drinking Coffee in France: A Cultural Perspective

24th January 2012
Coffee is inextricably linked to French culture, and one of the reasons why Americans switched to coffee from tea is because of the French. The British drank tea, while the French drank coffee, mostly due to the colonies that each of them possessed. The U... Read >

The Fractional Life: In their own words

31st December 2011
Mike Stern and Bridget Mullen have a life to envy. This husband and wife team live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and together run their oral & maxillofacial surgery practice, he as surgeon, she as nurse office manager. Several days a week they ski in the mor... Read >